TU's Family Guide to Admission

    Everything you need to know about TU's application process and more!

    Finding a college that fits your student can be overwhelming which is why the TU Office of Admission wants to make this process as easy as possible. This guide will provide you with valuable insight that will help you and your student make a more informed decision about college. We know you have questions, so please reach out to our amazing admission counselors for answers.

    TU admission counselors assist families through the college search process by answering questions about the admission process, application requirements, financial aid, programs offered at TU, and much more.

    Visit our website to find your student's admission counselor or contact our office directly at admission@utulsa.edu or 918-631-2307.

    TU Parent & Family Association

    The TU Parent & Family Association (commonly called TUPFA) exists to help parents and families stay informed about life at The University of Tulsa, to create an opportunity for parents to connect with students and the campus, and to provide support for families as they go through their own transitions with a student away at college.

    TUPFA is run by volunteers who are parents and families of current TU students, and who work closely with the professional staff in New Student Programs and Services, especially focusing on the early years of student transition into the campus community.

    We would like to encourage parents of committed students to become active in the TU Parent and Family Association. You will have the chance to build relationships with other TU parents, stay informed about campus life, and maybe even offer support to other parents and families as they send their student to TU.

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    What makes TU Unique 

    Faculty are committed to providing an outstanding education, and TU’s curriculum is set up to give your student full flexibility in taking a wide array of courses in the areas that interest them, while still focusing on a specific degree path.

    TU provides unparalleled undergraduate research opportunities, which allows your student to work one on one with a professor in an area of their interest, oftentimes leading to our students being published, speaking at national conferences, and receiving prestigious, nationally competitive scholarships, all before graduation day. 

    We are student-centered and will provide support from the moment your student joins the Golden Hurricane family. Student Success Coaches engage students in purposeful and challenging conversations to identify strengths and gaps in eight holistic focus areas that are linked to persistence to graduation. They ask questions to encourage self-reflection, critical thinking and problem solving. Students leave every coaching session with an identified goal and action plan.

    TU encourages students to explore hobbies, enjoy new cultural experiences and embrace opportunities to learn about themselves and others. With over 150 student clubs and organizations, your student will have a unique campus experience and will form lifelong friendships and connections.

    TU's CaneCareers offers a lifetime of career assistance. Whether it is exploring career options, finding an internship, or landing that big job, they can help.

    TU's Mission Statement

    TU is a student-centered research university that cultivates interconnected learning experiences to explore complex ideas and create new knowledge in a spirit of free inquiry. Guided by our commitment to diversity, equity, and service, we prepare individuals to make meaningful contributions to our campus, our community, and our world.

    Office Number: 918-631-2307 | Email: apply@utulsa.edu | Website: admission.utulsa.edu